• Vertical Access Works for You

  • Vertical Access has the Experience to Work Any Job

  • Vertical Access Service Combines Equipment with Expertise

Vertical Access is not just in the business of providing equipment for construction and work-at-height. We provide an integrated approach for our clients by extending our excellent customer service to all aspects of your projects. Our expertise is available to you at every step of your project. Vertical Access completes your plans and executes your projects.

We have well-trained experts who understand your industry and our equipment. You know we can help you plan the equipment for your job and provide guidance about your safety. We can also be right next to you to develop the engineering plans, install and manufacture the equipment, and most importantly train you how to use everything safely and effectively.

No matter what your project, Vertical Access is more than a vendor; we’re your partner. Every project is now our project. We’ll deliver the results you need.