• Focus on The Job, While We Focus on Your Safety

  • The Best Site is a Safe Site

  • Vertical Access is there to Protect You

No matter what your project, Vertical Access is more than a vendor; we’re your partner. Your workers are as important to us as they are to you. We’ll work with you to find the solutions you need to keep them safe.

Come to our website to find our site safe solutions – what we offer, specs and stats from our suppliers, and information on how to contact us and get answers to your questions.

We have well-trained experts who understand your industry and our equipment. Vertical Access can help you plan your job, develop safety plans, and most importantly train you how to use the equipment safely prevent accidents.

Construction sites are full of hazards. You want to get the job done right, but safety comes first. Dangerous rooftops, falling debris, extreme temperatures, and people being where they shouldn’t are constant dangers for workers in construction, mining, or work-at-height industries. They are also constant concerns for building managers, contractors, and supervisors. Complying with provincial regulation is a constant responsibility.