All Your Vertical Access Solutions in One Place

All Your Vertical Access Solutions in One Place

Vertical Access has everthing you need

Vertical Access is Western Canada’s leading provider of equipment and safety solutions for property managers and contractors who perform work-at-height, construction, and maintenance on building exteriors.

We provide our clients in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, and the surrounding areas with the equipment you need to move and work vertically, no matter what kinds of swing stage, scaffolding, rigging, fall protection, or debris solutions the job requires.

Vertical Access has the capabilities to engineer, manufacture and install almost any solution you need for your project and work site.

Vertical Access can bring the right amount of equipment to your job site in any area of Alberta or Saskatchewan as quickly as you need it so that you can get to work.

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Our Services

Swing Stage

Vertical Access provides modular swing stage platforms so that no matter why or how you need to access the outside of a building.

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Scaffolding Solutions

Vertical Access can provide you with scaffolding for year-round jobs including building maintenance, turnarounds, and capital projects.

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Debris Chutes

Construction sites, landscape projects, and even trucking require moving or removing large amounts of dangerous materials from one area to another.

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Vertical Access is very proud of our record in the industry for training people in the use of equipment for work-at-height, construction, and accessing building exteriors.

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Don’t be left with engineering specs that don’t match the building or the equipment. Our Professional Engineer will come to the site and work with you to guarantee a successful project from the beginning.

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Fall Protection

Our fall protection specialists will work hand-in-hand with you to design systems that ensure complete compliance with provincial and federal regulations as well as manufacturers’ critical specifications and design criteria

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